May 30, 2012

going viral

So this may look like this is my first blog with my first blog post. BUT I have been blogging for quite some time, i just haven't shared any of it. So this is me, sharing it. Finally.

The last post that I kept, from October, takes me back so easily, yet, shows me how far I have come. Instead of only being 2 months into the internship, I only have 2 months left. wow. When i was writing that last post- I never would have guessed i'd survive to say: 2 months left. what a blessing. These past 6-7 months have been a whirlwind- full of weddings, deaths, hard times, extremely joyful times, moments where i've had to stop and say "what the heck am I doing" to moments where i feel it is so evident I am in the right place. But I can't sum up the past 6-7 months so we're starting from here. May 30, 2012. :)

I am finishing up a rotation I've been doing the past 3 weeks in Dallas,TX. I completed 1,000 hours of my internship, and am currently working on the LAST 250 HOURS OF MY INTERNSHIP. (yippee! Don't get me wrong- I have loved so so much about this internship. But you sorta reach a point where you just want to be done. I just want to be an RD.) I have one more rotation site left- and I am super excited about it. But tomorrow is my last day at the internship here in Dallas. I have been with a dietitian who works with patients struggling with eating disorders. I thought i was interested in going into this realm but i wasn't sure. So this was my sticking my toe in the water, before i dove in. I have absolutely loved it. My eyes have been so opened to the world of eating disorders, and mental health in a whole new way. The dietitian I have been oh-so-blessed to be with is a big dietitian in the eating disorder world- nationally. It was a total God thing that I was able to intern with her. The things i have learned under her are remarkable and I am so so sad to have to see this rotation end. Luckily, I think i'll be working on some things with her so i get to continue to learn from her as we go on this next year.

My parents have officially moved to Dallas. They moved the weekend before Easter. So, i have been living with them the past 3 weeks. It was somewhat of an adjustment-- but sadly i have been SO busy with school and my internship, i haven't been able to truly sit down and be sad about it. I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. My psychology friends would probably say that's a bad thing. but I am doing okay, and definitely not avoiding feelings so for now, i'm okay in my book. The move has been an adjustment for the entire family- my parents, my sister, her hubby and my nephew, and myself. But it has been such a great refining period for all of us I think- definitely myself. being here with the whole family has been so fun and definitely gives me an even stronger desire to live closer to them (if not in the same city) as soon as I can (if the Big Man is thinking that too, of course).

I am going to try to be good with this blog, but forgive me if i'm not.

here I am world. It's time I let you in.

**for a more detailed update (although a tad out-dated) , read the last post in 2011 "bliss"**

Today's praises:
- a possible opportunity to get to work on a large publication
- time with my best friends from college: there are none like them

Today's prayers:
- that i will not let the opportunity overwehlm me; and i will remember: alone, I am inadequate- but thanks to Jesus, He makes me adequate
- that the next few weeks and months will not be overtaken with worry and stress. Upcoming events: 2 summer classes, 5 week rotation- 40hrs/week, studying for the RD exam (national exam) coming up in august